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Which Is More Important When Developing a Sports Car -Passion or Experience?

Posted by admin on April 8th, 2015 in Category Auto Industry, Blog News, Scrap Cars in Canada, Scrap Cars in the USA, Scrap Yard News, Uncategorized, World - Scrap News (no responses)

Doritos developed a successful campaign airing a winning commercial that an unknown producer created during the Super Bowl. Honda Motor Co. recently did the same thing. Five years later we get to see what Ryo Mukumoto has designed.

Ryo Mukumoto was 22 and into his third year making mock-ups at Honda’s research arm when he beat about 400 other entries in an in-house competition.

Honda made him the youngest lead engineer in the company’s history and gave him a young team to help translate his ideas into reality.

Mukumoto’s vision — a low-slung roadster inspired by a speeding bullet — goes on sale next month in the most competitive segment in Japan’s shrinking car market.

“People of my generation think cars are simply a tool for transportation,” Mukumoto, now 26, said in an interview in Wako City, Japan.

“I wanted them to say — hmm, this car is different,” he said. “We have made a car that will turn heads.”

The introduction of the S660 roadster, named for the 660-cc engine capacity limit that defines the mini car category unique in Japan, comes as Honda searches for a way out of record vehicle recalls and quality lapses.

The company has blamed these problems in part on an overly ambitious sales target that placed undue stress on its vaunted engineers.
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Classics of 2015 Already Predicted in Hagerty Hot List

Posted by admin on March 6th, 2015 in Category Auto Industry, Blog News, Fun and Humor, Going Green, Green Cars, Scrap Cars in Canada, Scrap Cars in the USA, Scrap Yard News, Uncategorized, World - Scrap News (no responses)

Here are cars that you can look forward to traveling with you through generation after generation.

Classic cars are made every year, and certain features make them to stand out from others. But what truly makes a car memorable and remarkable enough to stand out from others?

Hagerty Hotlist has truly begun to narrow down the possibilities.Now the predictions are never 100% accurate. But today’s generation will definitely enjoy the range and diversity of vehicles on the list, there’s something for every type of driver.

Want a taut Italian sports car? Try the Alfa Romeo 4C. Supercar performance straight out of Detroit (er, Bowling Green)?Corvette Z06. The perfect balance of practicality and hot-hatch fun? VW Golf R.

None of these are economy-car-cheap, but they all sticker at well below $100,000 (what you do with the options catalog is up to you). Park any one of these 10 cars in your garage, and we think you’ll be a happy customer.

And if it’s worth something in a quarter-century? Consider that a bonus.

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Self-Service Salvage Yards Growing

Posted by admin on September 4th, 2012 in Category Auto Industry, Scrap Cars in the USA, Scrap Yard News (no responses)

Many DYI’ers want the option of pulling their own parts from auto salvage yards for even more savings!!

It takes a lot for an industry with more than 8,000 businesses and $22 billion in annual sales to change direction. That’s what’s happening now in automotive recycling, where self-serve salvage yards that permit customers to remove their own parts from scrapped vehicles are beginning to supplant traditional full-service operations.

Thus far, there are only about 200 pure self-service yards, estimated Dimitri Gerontis, principal at S3 Software Solutions, a Salt Lake City provider of software for self-service auto salvage operators. “But there are probably upwards of 400 to 500 of what would be considered a hybrid yard, bordering between self-service and full-service,” Gerontis said. “And everyone’s looking in that direction.”

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Salvage Yard Fire Damage in Oceanside

Posted by admin on November 1st, 2011 in Category Scrap Cars in the USA (no responses)

A North County auto salvage company was heavily damaged by fire late Wednesday night.

Firefighters were called to San Luis Rey Auto Salvage & Towing on North El Camino Real near Douglas Drive about 11:40 p.m., Oceanside Fire Department Battalion Chief Joe Ward said.

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Green Batteries Will Be a Challenge

Posted by admin on September 1st, 2011 in Category Auto Industry, Green Cars, Scrap Cars in Canada, Scrap Cars in the USA, World - Scrap News (no responses)

With fleets of electric cars starting to hit the roads, the next big mother lode for salvage companies is expected to be the expensive, newfangled batteries powering them.

Yet even as automakers vaunt the ways these cars can benefit the environment, they are divided over how best to handle the refuse: recycle or re-purpose.

That is worrying some companies involved in “urban mining” — a voguish term that refers to extracting valuable metals from all kinds of discarded electronics, from power tools to mobile phones. They have already begun spending money to build an infrastructure to handle the flood of partly depleted battery packs that are expected to enter the waste stream; Frost & Sullivan, a consulting firm, puts the number at about 500,000 a year by the early

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FTC Confirms Recycled Parts are OK for Warranties

Posted by admin on July 29th, 2011 in Category Auto Industry, Going Green, Scrap Cars in the USA (no responses)

Michael Wilson of the Federal Trade Commission confirmed in a letter to the ARA the use of recycled automotive parts is OK for warranties!

In the letter, the FTC says: “Warrantors may not claim that a warranty is void simply because a consumer has used an authorized or recycled part.”

“Tying warranties to the use of new, authorized replacement parts is illegal under the Magnuson-Moss Act,” said Wilson. “Several months ago we asked the FTC to review position statements by several automobile manufacturers that implied that recycled parts are lesser quality parts than new OEM parts and that there use could void a manufacturer warranty,” said Wilson.

ARA raised concerns with the FTC that the position statements of the automobile manufacturers might mislead consumers into thinking that using recycled parts in a repair could void their warranty. As a result, the FTC announced the update of a consumer alert entitled Auto Warranties, Routine Maintenance, and Repairs: Is Using the Dealer a Must? The revised alert specifically notes that the mere use of recycled parts does not void a warranty and that it is illegal for warrantors to void a warranty or deny coverage simply because a recycled part was used.

This is great news for the environment and also for the auto recycling industry.  Using used green auto parts is a great way to keep the planet green and save some cash on repairs!

Crazy Tattoo – Notebook

Posted by admin on April 1st, 2011 in Category Fun and Humor, Scrap Cars in Canada, Scrap Cars in the USA (no responses)

This guy is crazy but we loved the fact that the first thing on his to-do list was go to the scrapyard!!

Super Junk Car

Posted by admin on March 18th, 2011 in Category Fun and Humor, Going Green, Green Cars, Scrap Cars in Canada, Scrap Cars in the USA (no responses)

Now this is what I would call a Super Junk Car!!!

Batmobile Junk Car

Posted by admin on February 3rd, 2011 in Category Fun and Humor, Scrap Cars in Canada, Scrap Cars in the USA (no responses)

Looks like the economic recession in the USA has really hurt Bruce Wayne’s millions.

Scrap Metal is a Booming Business

Posted by admin on February 2nd, 2011 in Category Auto Industry, Scrap Cars in the USA (no responses)

Daryl Law over at the Sentinel wrote a nice article the other day.  What does recycling junk metal and China have in common?

China needs the resource and America’s supplying it.

Because of demand, the value of scrap metal has reached its highest point ever and some area businessmen are making the most of it.

Sources say scrap metal currently brings in $11.25 per 100 pounds and that’s the reason why so many people are getting involved in recycling cast off things such as hot water heaters, 55-gallon drums and even old cars. Around Kill Devil Hills, several people work the neighborhoods searching for old lawn furniture frames, tire rims and anything else metal.

And while these collectors who cash out the resource make a little money, it also helps keep the town cleaner, neater. Stonemason Aaron Harvell recently made more than a hundred bucks when he hauled a load of junk to Melson’s Junk & Salvage in Currituck. It was too cold out for concrete to set up on his regular job so he made the most of what the Outer Banks had to offer – junk.

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